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Ojiya chijimi - Breaching of the Snow Tour

Snowy country life

Sainokami, a traditional event and Food in Ojiya experience tour


Sainokami. A ritual where people pray for health and safety which is still practiced by people in this region today. People light a tower made of paddy straws aflame in the rice fields during the period called “little new year” in mid-January. It’s tradition of this region to pray for the new year without diseases and disasters. In this tour, you taste Ojiya’s famous soba (Japanese noodle made of Sarasin), participate in the “Sainokami” event and visit “Nishikigoi-no-Sato” (a garden of colorful carp). 




Date: January 13th 


Meeting place: Yoridokoro (3 minutes from Ojiya station of JR line)


Time: 11:0016:00


Participation Fee: 3,700 yen for Adult; 3,000 yen for Elementary school and under

 Including lunch and entrance fee for Carp Garden


Minimum 5 people and up to 20 people

Yoridokoro -> Lunch -> -Sainokami -> Carp Garden & Sun-Plaza for souvenirs


Caution: There is a possibility of changes of the contents in case of little snowfall.


Snow shoveling and Food of Ojiya Tour


Ojiya is known as a snowy region with 2-meter of snow in the winter. It is the fate for people in Ojiya to protect their house from snow and to live in the snow.


After working out as a volunteer to help elderly people who have a problem with removing snow, enjoy the life in the snowy region with a delicious meal.




Date: January 13th or February 2nd


Meeting place: Yoridokoro(5 minute-walk from Ojiya station of JR line)


Time: 10:0015:30


Participation Fee: 3,700 yen for adult (Lunch, Entrance fee for the carp garden and insurance are included)


Minimum 5 people and up to 10 people


Yoridokoro -> Snow shoveling experience -> Lunch -> Carp garden & Sun-plaza


Please wear a water-proof snowsuit and rubber boots


-      You can rent a snowsuit, rubber boots and gloves: 1,000 yen


-      Tools for removing snow will be provided.


-      You will have an insurance even though snow shoveling is not dangerous.

You can combinate this tour with “Snowy country life Experience Tour” on January 15th.


Caution: There is a possibility of changes of the contents in case of little snowfall.


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Chijimi-no-Sato, Tel 0258-81-1717


Inn: Kizu Kami-no-Yu, Tel 0258-82-4838





  Ojiya City,

  Niigata  947-0004


When you use the Joetsu-line 

1. Get off at Ojiya station.

2. Walk through the underpass and go down the arcade.

3. In about three minutes, you will find a shop on the right side. Yoridokoro is in the shop.


Please refer to the following map.



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TEL・FAX: 0258-83-4194

Mail: info*toumukyo.jp



営業日 月~金曜日(祝日を除く)

時間  9:00~16:30